Five Innovative Ways to Hire the Best Talent

When you own business, then you will know how difficult it is to hire the right talent. Just not the first time, but, everytime getting a resource who can take your company to the next level needs attention. Especially when it is a technical talent hiring, then even more care must be given in your hiring process. You can find several posts that describe the right way to hire a talent. This post will not beat around the same bush, but differently will make you understand the ways to get the reliable, skilled, and potential resources on-board to make your entire process a success.

Get To Know the Five Things To Add The Best Talent To Your Pool

  1. Create A Blog And Respond To Questions

Administering engineering aptitude test can undoubtedly yield your result to get the best candidate as your employee. To get the right candidate for the test, you can sow some seeds from the beginning in the form of writing blogs on your company website. Interested technical resources will pay attention to your blog and leave a comment. The usual good and thank you apart, some people will post some questions. These are your potential targets; you must connect with them and spend time answering their questions. Also, make the best use of GrowthHackers, StackOverflow, or Quora, etc.

  1. Hackathon

The traditional method of spending money on hosting referral program for hiring talents may not help get talents always. You can try Hackathonwith some topics that may interest you and your company. Interested people will work on them. You can let them take guidance from their friends as it is a hackathon created by you and not your client. This mock method will introduce you to much-talented resource pool available in the market. Another name of an employee referral. When you find them useful, you can ask your employer to bring them for an interview.

  1. Give Some Talks

Apart from posting topics on blogs you can also create a video and post it. You can talk about the hot issue from your organization and post them. Another happening way to make your blog more interesting to the people. Keep your talk simple and to the point and ask listeners to post their questions, understanding, and suggestions.

  1. Open Source Projects

Using your job page provide some options with your internal tools to push some open source projects. When candidates look at your job page, they may not only send the resume but will try to work around on the open source projects. Such candidates will make the best fit for your upcoming new projects.

  1. Challenge The Public

Social media is big and contributes excellent to the society. You can find your prospective future employees from there. Instead of only writing on networking sites like Reddit or Quora, you can post some puzzles, hack, etc.  Create open challenges and connected with the people who either solve or try to explain your riddle.

Yes, now wrapping up this post, trust you agree that it is indeed a different strategy to hire new resources to your organization.

Happy Hiring!