4 Tips for buying fabric shower curtains

Shower curtains are probably the biggest products that one can install in the bathroom. Nowadays, there are several options that you can go through before purchasing the shower curtains based on their looks, appearances, and the fabric. The shower curtain took a giant step in these modern times from being simply dull to being beautiful and available in a variety of styles.

There are numerous varieties of shower curtains today from where you can find your best pick. You can get themed shower curtains as well; the sports enthusiasts can get the football or basketball themed curtains whereas; kid’s bathroom can be decorated with Disney characters. Selecting the right kind of fabric is the most important thing to look for before purchasing the shower curtains.

  1. Need of vinyl liner on the fabric curtain

If your fabric is of those materials where it can be easily washed and dried in the sun, such as organic cotton, nylon, wash and wear fabric, etc.; you will not require a liner. The heavier fabrics that need proper dry cleaning, brocades, velvets along with embellishments or decorative attachments that are non-washable are supposed to be used with a vinyl liner.

  1. What fabric should you consider using?

The fabric shower curtains come in a wide range of materials such as nylon, polyesters, organic cotton, and canvas curtains that are the best alternatives to vinyl. A lot of people consider velvet, brocades, and heavy embroidery ornate fabric on their bedrooms as well as bathrooms that need proper dry-cleaning and should not be hand washed.

It is best to go for nylon or cotton fabric shower curtains for a soothing and decent look. These curtains can be washed at home and well-maintained without taking them to the expensive dry cleaners.It is always recommended to purchase light shower curtains for regular use.

  1. How often will the curtains interface water?

If your shower is used for a long time on a regular basis, it will not have a lot of time to get dry thoroughly between two uses. Vinyl or vinyl liner can help you keep the curtains dry in these situations where the curtains are wet all the time due to regular water contact.

While soaps make a layer and not just moisture on the shower curtains, it is a major issue with all the bathroom curtains. It is important to find out how frequently the soap and water comes in contact with your shower curtains and is the fabric washable or needs dry cleaning to maintain the curtains for a long time.

  1. How often shower curtains need cleaning?

The fabric curtains need washing once in a week only if you have a high traffic in the bathroom on a regular basis, otherwise, it can be washed in every 2-3 weeks as the vinyl can come down or washed every month.

The heavier fabrics might require dry cleaning instead of washing them at home. The Shower curtains cannot just be wiped down but should be taken down from the rods and cleaned. It is better to remove the regular curtains from rods and clean them.

Source: showercurtainsspecialist.com

Best Way to Use Canvas Prints in the Home

Canvas prints present a unique way to decorate your home, mostly because of their trendy, yet elegant appearance. If you wish to add some spark to your place of living, look at the following décor ideas for inspiration:

Whip Up Your Appetite

Did you know that art in the kitchen is highly underestimated? Most people do not know what a bright, fruity photo can do to your appetite, as well as the kitchen design in general.

When designing your kitchen, you probably invested in appliances, counters and other large items and failed to pay attention to the important details. The finishing touches are what makes your kitchen complete, so use this opportunity to give your kitchen a complete, perfect look by adding some canvas prints on the walls.

Some great ideas are prints of your favorite dishes, brightly colored photos of vegetables and fruits or even photos of steaming coffee mugs. You can even add an inspiring cooking quote to make the kitchen more personal.

Open Up Small Rooms

Small or stuffy rooms can finally be improved! You no longer need to worry that a room lacks a window and is too dark, since landscape canvas photos can fix this in an instant. Pick your favorite scenery of the beach or the mountain and allow the canvas print to do its job. You can also improvise with photos of flowers, greenery or wildlife – anything that gives you the feeling of being outdoors.

Inspire Your Creative Side

If you have a home office in your house, you surely want to decorate this room properly. Whether you are sitting down to pay the bills or finish some work, canvas prints can certainly inspire your creativity.

What will go well in your home office? Find an interesting photo related to your career, art prints of architectural design or print out the best achievements such as work promotions, awards and even graduation. All these can energize your spirit and boost the imagination. Plus, you will be able to indirectly boast over your accomplishments once you invite someone inside the home office.

Add Hue to the Hallways and Bathrooms

As you probably know already, hallways and bathrooms usually take up small spaces of a home. In most cases, these are quite empty and drab since there is not much furniture to add to the hallway. With canvas prints, you can turn this area into completely transformed places that create a relaxing atmosphere.

Use color blocks and abstract art for the hallways to add some interest. For the bathroom, serene images or even photos of your beach vacation can do a miraculous change.

Customize Your Children’s Room

Most of us add the child’s artwork on the walls and this creates a wonderful atmosphere, but what if your child does not want to paint? Even better, if your child is very good at painting and has favorite drawings why not print them out and put them on the walls?

Some other ideas are baby photos or family images printed out on canvas. And for those who have pets, you can always add pet images to pet areas to add some character.

Removing scratches from hardwood flooring

Hardwood floors look good and are generally hard-wearing. But like any natural material, they can get damaged. A scratched floor looks unsightly, so short of covering damaged areas with a rug or furniture, what can you do to deal with scratches and keep your floor looking pristine?

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The method of removing scratches from your engineered wood flooring depends on the type of damage. Let’s have a look at some of the most common ones.

Surface Scratches

If only the surface of your flooring is scratched, this is the easiest to deal with, as it’s only the protective coating that’s damaged. Start by cleaning the damaged area carefully to remove any dirt and grit so it doesn’t get sealed in later. Rinse away any remaining cleaner and allow the area to dry. You can then apply a fresh coat of varnish or shellac to repair the damage.

Minor Scratches

These are scratches that have penetrated the surface coating and damaged the surface of the wood beneath. With good-quality wood flooring from somewhere like http://www.ukflooringdirect.co.uk/engineered-wood-flooring, these are still easy to fix. Clean the floor as before, then use wire wool or a fine-grade sandpaper to rub over the scratched area. Always work with the grain of the wood or you’ll make things look worse.

You may need to gently sand surrounding areas to blend the scratch in. Next, use a wax stick to fill the scratch and leave some time for the wax to set. Finally, use a soft cloth to buff up the repaired area.

Deep Scratches and Gouges

Removing severe damage such as this takes more work. Wood floors can add value to a property, and if you’re not confident of your ability to do a good job, you may be better off calling in a professional. This type of repair involves completely stripping and refinishing the floor.

You need to clean the floor as before and then sand or buff any scratches. If they’re particularly deep, you can use a wood filler to bring the surface back level. Make sure you choose the right colour filler for your floor. After filling, you need to sand again in order to blend in the repair. Finally, you can finish the job using wax or varnish as you would with the other repairs.

Choose the best commercial real estate property for your future

Are you planning to invest your money in the property?

Nowadays people want to invest their money in buying the properties like a residence and or commercial properties. This is one of the best and reliable ways to save their money for their future.  Most of the companies offer the commercial real estate services to their customers in a reliable way. The real estate platform makes it easy for the property seekers to search and explore commercial property for sale and lease. And you could keep your eye on the real estate market with the property news, and then you have to choose the best and highly population holding location to buy the commercial properties for the reason is that is it helps to grow your future in the commercial line.

Benefits to buy the commercial real estate properties

There are lots and lots of benefits are obtainable to the commercial property buyers. The property seller selling the commercial properties to explore more than 50,000 listings as well as office, industrial, retail, hotel, warehouse and agriculture properties and also the land. And the property searches can be filtered by various criteria like as annual return, price and size or occupancy. You can save your half percentage of money to buy the commercial property through the online. in online, there are so many obtainable commercial property for sale and they provide the latest commercial property news portal, features the most recent news, research, guides, and advice about buying, leasing and investing. And then they could allow them to empower customer with the knowledge to aid them to make informed decisions.

real estate property

Atlanta properties for leasing and investment

Whether you are buying, selling or leasing, your real estate decision making will involve dozens of factors. They specialize in analyzing these factors and condense them into a solution set of data’s for your deliberation. Collectively, our team has evaluated hundreds of properties and negotiated thousands of leasing and sales transactions. And the Atlanta leasing & investment analysis will provide you clearness in formative which deals to do.  They offer the commercial properties with the perfect and reasonable cost of a price at the different locations in the country. Keep investing your money in buying and or taking the property lease for your future life. They offer all the facilities near to the properties situated locations like water, power, security and much more.

David Aynes is the owner of Atlanta Leasing & Investment a commercial Real Estate Firm in Atlanta. Since becoming involved in the commercial real estate brokerage in 2007, David has brokered over 1 million square feet in sales and leasing transactions. In all, David has been an investor and partner in 7 private companies and 23 real estate partnerships.

Build landscape for having relaxation and enjoyment

Most of the people are rendering the best place to render for relaxation and own enjoyment with each other. In addition to this, the goal is to play with kids and spend time with the family members to own relaxation in a simple manner. Based on the quality workmanship and customer service, the Landscaping in Perth is considered as best one for designing it. As per your requirement, you can undertake the creating spaces that must render with relaxation and enjoyment based on the clients need. Moreover, the Luke Landscaping is believed with creating spaces that suits according to beauty and happiness to their lives. They have delivered according to the finished product which simply gives attention on quality forever. It help you to render with residential landscaping project that simply try to render with irrigation, plants, lawn, and whole package for giving it. They are committed with project to suits to your life and hence capable for picking the beauty and happiness to the lives. They believe in giving wonderful landscape for giving the beautiful as well as good finishing one. Moreover, the Landscaping Perth can help you in giving residential landscaping project where it own with project to life.


Furthermore, the larger design projects are designed with professional landscaping which tries to bring produce the best one. Moreover, this should render with best possible design for your space that meets according to the designers. It meets according to the site consultation to discuss according to the project. The landscape project should render with plan for area and hence incorporate with aspects on the garden layout. It provide with all aspects that simply gives outdoor lawns that includes with lawns, irrigation, brick paving and other things forever. The Landscaping Perth is experienced landscaping that is based on the implementation process to undergo with ease. The landscaping installations are designed with free quotation and hence give excellent approach that includes for planting plan. It should discuss with project and ascertain the scope of work required in a simple manner. In addition to this, it should provide you with the detailed quote for your landscape design without any hassle. They help you to implement your vision and bring garden more life. They offer with free quotation and site consultation based on the landscape one that suits accordingly. As a result, it have provided with landscape based on the professional plan for the area covered.