5 Mistakes that Men make when Buying Flowers Online

Buying flowers for your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day might seem like an easy task, but it is not. Getting flowers is as tricky as it can get, especially when buying them online as a Valentine gift. A bad bouquet can ruin the day for both you and your lady love. To help you out, we have listed out the 5 most common mistakes that men make when ordering flowers online.

Say No to Red Roses

Red roses are a staple choice for men when they buy flowers. This is because of the common misconception that if a thing is expensive, it is likely to be well received. But this is where you are wrong. Until of course, your girlfriend’s favorite flowers happen to be red roses, chances are that she will think that you have chosen the easy way out. So ditch the roses and think what flowers she will actually like, or if you know her preference already than buy those flowers.

Presentation is Important

Many online florists send their flower in a box, which leaves the flowers rather battered looking. Try to find a site that sends the flowers in a container that allows the receiver to put them on display instantly. Get the vase or the basket, even if you have to pay extra to keep them looking fresh.

Don’t Treat It like the Last Resort

Many times, ordering flowers online as a Valentine gift is the last resort men take. While the site you have ordered from might be able to squeeze in your delivery during the day, ordering flowers at the last minute can increase the chance of you being let down by your online florist. Not only will you be incurring an extra charge, there is a great chance that there will be no delivery slots left for the day or the stocks for the choice of flower would have been already depleted. So, always plan ahead so you get the quality and satisfaction that you are paying for. An option here is to go for a reputed online flower delivery website that offers same day timely deliveries; but it’s best if you take the time and put thought in your order and place it well in advance.

Get some opinion

If you cannot decide on what flowers your partner will prefer, speak to the florist. Just don’t pick anything at random, online florists offer chat services, wherein you can get their opinion about the flowers you should order.

Add a card

Getting the right flower for girl is not the only thing you should be worried about. Flowers should carry an additional gift with them. They are mostly chocolates, but if you are little tight on budget, you can add a card. The card, with a few scribbled lines from your heart will turn your bouquet into something extra romantic and special. No need to go overboard with the message, just few words will do, as long as you mean them truly.

So boys, keep these tips in your mind the next time you buy flowers for your girl.