How To Utilize Technology To Ace Your Chemistry

Chemistry can be a difficult or an easy subject based on several factors. Two of them being how strong your foundation is and how much interest you have towards the chemical nature of the substances in our universe. Most students have had a hard time learning the methods of chemistry as they are pretty complex and a bit hard to understand. But now in our day and age, technology has made learning chemistry a much different experience. Let us learn how the assimilation of technology has changed the way we learn and help us memorize concepts better.

  • Easily understandable content:

    Till the last decade, teachers were majorly limited to the 2-dimensional shapes and figures, basically on paper or on a chalkboard. This hindered how much of the topic the student could take in from what the teacher has explained. With the help of new age technology, animations are created to overcome the shortcoming of the chalkboard. Teachers can portray the image as exactly how it would be in their imagination and pass on their knowledge.

  • Better Memorizing:

    When someone tries to study a topic of chemistry like nomenclature from the textbook, it is normal to have difficulty in remembering the topics due to its sheer vastness. This is wherein the audio-visual content for studying is beneficial. The brain has a better retention power to information received from multiple channels than just one. Taking the example of an article in a newspaper and comparing it with a movie both of which was taken in by a person on the same day. The newspaper offering visual cues for information while the movie offers both audio and visual information. The person would remember more of the movie than the post on the newspaper 9 times out of 10, if not every time.


  • Improved testing methods:

    Keeping onto the previous limitations of 2D surfaces, they can only test students in ways of writing and drawing images. With the help of the current day technology, tests can be made more interesting as well as difficult. They will have to depict the topic with more precision and accuracy, thus demanding in-depth knowledge of the topic. Also, with adaptive algorithms in play like adaptive learning, the difficulty level of the next test is varied depending on how the student performed in the previous test.

  • Accessibility:

    Since the advent of the smartphone era, everyone has access to a smartphone and the internet now. Thus, allowing technology to be carried along with them whenever and wherever. This saves students from the burden of carrying large bags filled with textbooks and notes. All this material is now accessible through any smartphone from anywhere across the world at any point of the day.

Thus, we have seen how much of an impact technology can make in the way we learn. With the advantages it offers to the industry, its involvement is only set to increase and further improve the educational system. Hence, changing the way students master topics of chemistry like the periodic table and more. To get an idea of the change that technology has made in the way students learn, check out this YouTube channel –