Black men can have the most trending beard style in the year 2016

Men show their personality with the help of their beards and mustaches.  The beard and the mustache show the manly growth of the men. For these reasons they take lost of steps to make them more beauty. There are lots of styles available for making the beard more stylish. Now we will see some of the top beard styles trending in 2016

Various types of styles in beard for black men:

Hipster Beard Style for Black Men

These types of hairstyle are perfectly suitable for the men who have long hair which is turned into plaits. Without trimming the fully grown beard will get the attention of the ladies. This is one of the excellent   beard styles for the black men.

Extended Goatee

Goatee with the bald shiny head and shaven head, which is totally fun and sometimes it is maturity.   The goatee is not only one type it is elevated and well grown goatee that is trimmed to an extent. This style is too sexy and it is important to maintain in a healthy manner.



Grown beard styles will be looking like the duck’s tail.   This ducktail beard style is  the different types of beard style trending in 2016 for black men. Mostly this type of beard style is suitable for the men who need fashion and look good and causal.

Long and Full Beard

Dreadlocks are the beard with full and long hair. It is one of the special types of beard style for the black men. It is one of the wonderful beard styles which most of the black women like this.

Chocolate Beard

This type of beard style did not denote the color of the beard. It is the type of beard which the hair is grown around the face without taking much effort. This style makes men more handsome and gives good personality.

Pencil Beard

With this style people will come to know that you are forever. It will give the clean, edgy and youthful look. This style is highlighted in the crowd and it is spotted easily.

Chin Strap with Mustache

This type of beard is very cool and it was introduced in the 18th century. Most of the men like this style and it is pulling one side of hair to other side that is from chin and jawline.