An Ode to the Land of the Blue Mosque

From assorted landscape, eastern steep to the Aegean olive grove, Turkey is rich in the cultural aura and magical ethnicity. The great ruins of the country provide a lyrical backdrop to the Mediterranean coastline with its alpine pastures, wavy valleys, and golden beaches. The heavenly vistas of the mountain- ringed Lake Eğirdir and the peninsulas of southwest coast make you experience the nirvana of the eyes. An ideal day in Turkey involves sipping çay and enjoying the view of the mystical Blue Mosque, the sight of the structure leaves every individual in awe of its magnificence. Turkish Cuisine takes you back to the freshly blooming kitchen garden, the family-centric Turks believe in a simple lifestyle. The ingredients and spices used in the cuisine are home grown providing scrumptious flavors to the kebaps, dolmas, ravishing desserts.

The natives of the country come together for dinners which are considered an honored ritual; they enjoy the luscious Turkish food with family and friends. Turkey is the country laden with historical significance and mouth-watering cuisine that leaves every individual wanting for more. It is said that there are there are three major kinds of cuisine that exist in the world, such as Chinese, French and Turkish Cuisine. The food of Turkey serves a pleasant surprise to every visitor living up to its reputation. The simplicity and variety of recipes and flavors ensure that every individual is completely satiated.

Kebaps are the most popular food of Turkey that are mainly marinated meat chunks stewed or grilled to its flavorful taste. Every district of the country specializes in its own kind of kebaps, grilled generously over the charcoal stoves. Sis Kebap and Doner kebap are the recipes of Kebaps that are popular among the natives and the tourists alike. Alanazik, Tandir and Sac kavurma are the variants of Kofte, typically made of lamb meat.

Eggplants are generously used in Turkish food in all kinds of fillings and pilaf. Dishes like Patlican Dolmasi, Kerniyarik, Patlican Salatasi and Hünkarbegendi all prepared with eggplants. These are usually served with cold Imam Bayildi. Turkish food is incomplete without Pilaf, a rice oriented dish which requires proficiency to successfully prepare it. Turkish desserts are popular all across the world owing to its delicate preparation involving milk base, Helva, Kadayif, Baklava and Börek are the well-known ones.

Turkey is popular around the globe for its juicy kebaps and flavorful coffee, ideally the traditional Turkish food covers the flavors of the entire world including Caucuses, the Arab world, Near East and Mediterranean.