Evolution Of Technology – A Debatable Topic

In this fast world, food is prepared within seconds. When our ancestors struggled to transport from one place to another, we have developed faster mode of transport like aeroplanes and cars. Moreover, life was made easier with evolution of technology. For example, in olden days, only the male population went outside and worked. While the female population worked inside house. But nowadays, both males and females are working, therefore it is necessary to have these kind of technological innovations.

But; these technology had replaced many job opportunities. For example, people were employed to write copies of invitations or a copy of books. Nowadays, photocopying machine or Xerox printers, have replaced those job opportunities. But these have made the process of photocopying faster. Many copies of books are printed faster and distributed sooner. Moreover with the importance given to studies everyone is studying but h

The welcome to the large production of such new innovations was chiefly teased and not accepted. But with continuous efforts to ensure that people understand the importance of technological growth we have a comprised it.

Nowadays everyone’s home has at least gave four to five technological instruments like computers, printers, television, mixers and grinders. But the when the quality of work is question it has but alots offall or disadvantage. Apart from this, there is the question about liability and pollution.

Evolution Of Technology

Due to evolution of technology; trees are being deforested and men are dying due to several new diseases. Moreover trees are cut down for commercialpurposes like putting new flats or to acquire new place for buildings, build a new company,making office furniture and many more. Apart from this, while developing any kind of product there are several other byproducts are released. These are mixed untreated into the soil, water and land resources which is affecting the place we live also known as earth and causes several kinds of pollution and diseases.The recent example would the water companies’ activity in India. One of the famous leading water company in India just dumped several kilos of mercury in the river in ooty. It would have been a small expense fir the company but now due to their reckless and selfish behaviour thousands of people are suffering.

Other feature of technology that actually kills people for real is the development of bombs for defence. Bombs of anytime whatever may be the explosive product it is made of. It is causing several hazards to humans. Wars are being waged for some other reasons instead of trying to help a rogue country. Governments are breaching treaties to test weapons and ends in war. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the best examples of these. People were killed using a nuclear bomb. Even today they are people suffering the ill effects of the bomb. Technological growth is proven to be very useful as well as harmful to the human kind. It depends on how we make use of our resources.