Facts about a weight loss surgery

Are you suffering from excess weight? Then weight loss surgery would be an attractive option when all other forms of treatment have failed to yield the desired results. This is when diet or any form of exercise is not up to the mark. If any of these methods have failed then it would mean that the desired results have not been achieved and even if results have been positive then a person has gone on to gain excessive weight.  Excessive weight if not dealt on an immediate basis it could cause problems in the form of cancer or heart attack. In the coming few years, one thing is for sure obesity is going to become one of the major causes of concern. There are some categories of patients who in fact do not respond to any type of weight loss methods.

It would mean a series of procedures that are undertaken on people who are obese. In this procedure the size of the stomach is being reduced with the aid of an implanted device or a portion of the stomach is being removed. Long term research does point to the fact that it is an effective procedure that it does point to significant weight loss, and does go on to reduce the mortality ratio from 23 % to 40 %.cost of bariatric surgery for weight loss in India

It has to be said that this is a form of surgery that is recommended for people who are obese or morbidly obese. Most of the patients would have tried to slim down with weight or exercise but the desired results would not have been achieved. Doctors do go on to careful examine a person to figure out whether he is the right candidate for a surgery or not. In case if a patient is not willing to comply the post recovery surgery procedures then the doctor is not likely to opt for the surgery.  In order to qualify for a surgery, a patient needs to have a body mass index of 100 +. There are some other points of consideration

  • Age – to qualify for a surgery, the patient should be in the age group of 18 to 60 years
  • Weight- if the weight of your body is twice of your ideal weight then you can consider yourself to be a candidate for the surgery
  • Medical- in fact certain form of medical conditions could be the cause of concern as far as excess weight is concerned. It would mean that there are certain diseases that are treated or in the process of being treated as well.
  • History- if you are associated with the history of losing back the weight and then again going to gain it. This is coupled with the fact that all traditional weight loss methods have failed to provide the desired results.

The cost of bariatric surgery for weight loss in India is considered to be the lowest among all the developed countries of the world. The quality of treatment is also of the highest standards as well.