4 Tips for buying fabric shower curtains

Shower curtains are probably the biggest products that one can install in the bathroom. Nowadays, there are several options that you can go through before purchasing the shower curtains based on their looks, appearances, and the fabric. The shower curtain took a giant step in these modern times from being simply dull to being beautiful and available in a variety of styles.

There are numerous varieties of shower curtains today from where you can find your best pick. You can get themed shower curtains as well; the sports enthusiasts can get the football or basketball themed curtains whereas; kid’s bathroom can be decorated with Disney characters. Selecting the right kind of fabric is the most important thing to look for before purchasing the shower curtains.

  1. Need of vinyl liner on the fabric curtain

If your fabric is of those materials where it can be easily washed and dried in the sun, such as organic cotton, nylon, wash and wear fabric, etc.; you will not require a liner. The heavier fabrics that need proper dry cleaning, brocades, velvets along with embellishments or decorative attachments that are non-washable are supposed to be used with a vinyl liner.

  1. What fabric should you consider using?

The fabric shower curtains come in a wide range of materials such as nylon, polyesters, organic cotton, and canvas curtains that are the best alternatives to vinyl. A lot of people consider velvet, brocades, and heavy embroidery ornate fabric on their bedrooms as well as bathrooms that need proper dry-cleaning and should not be hand washed.

It is best to go for nylon or cotton fabric shower curtains for a soothing and decent look. These curtains can be washed at home and well-maintained without taking them to the expensive dry cleaners.It is always recommended to purchase light shower curtains for regular use.

  1. How often will the curtains interface water?

If your shower is used for a long time on a regular basis, it will not have a lot of time to get dry thoroughly between two uses. Vinyl or vinyl liner can help you keep the curtains dry in these situations where the curtains are wet all the time due to regular water contact.

While soaps make a layer and not just moisture on the shower curtains, it is a major issue with all the bathroom curtains. It is important to find out how frequently the soap and water comes in contact with your shower curtains and is the fabric washable or needs dry cleaning to maintain the curtains for a long time.

  1. How often shower curtains need cleaning?

The fabric curtains need washing once in a week only if you have a high traffic in the bathroom on a regular basis, otherwise, it can be washed in every 2-3 weeks as the vinyl can come down or washed every month.

The heavier fabrics might require dry cleaning instead of washing them at home. The Shower curtains cannot just be wiped down but should be taken down from the rods and cleaned. It is better to remove the regular curtains from rods and clean them.

Source: showercurtainsspecialist.com