Mortgage Loan: Annuity, for Liquidity or First Home in 2019

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In times of crisis, being able to cope with the purchase of a house is not easy at all. For this reason, more and more people are looking for a mortgage thanks to which they can fulfill this dream quickly and easily.

Alternative mortgages

Alternative mortgages,

As you know, the alternatives on the market in terms of mortgages are not few and, therefore, there is nothing left to do but understand which is the solution that best suits your needs and, above all, your income status.

The purchase of the first home is a problem, therefore, that afflicts many and which finds many obstacles in its path. The same goes for those who intend to buy a second home out of necessity or very simply to make an investment.

Regardless of the motivations that push the interested parties to buy a property, that of the mortgage remains the only solution capable of meeting everyone and, above all, of solving the liquidity problem It will, in fact, be the bank to pay jointly and severally the property and then the sum invested in small and comfortable installments will be reimbursed.

But let’s go into more detail and take stock of the situation both regarding the products currently offered by banking institutions and the related contractual conditions.

Real estate mortgage: here’s how to buy a house

Real estate mortgage: here

As anticipated just above, all banks offer their customers various alternatives thanks to which they have the possibility of accessing a mute to buy a house.

In this regard, it is useful to specify that the first and most important thing to do is to request advice from your trusted branch, in order to have a clear overview of both the real amount that you have the opportunity to ask for. that, much more generally, at the outcome of the request itself.

Obviously, after taking this step, you are not bound to take out a mortgage at the bank in question. On the contrary, it will be possible to consult other credit institutions in order to compare the proposals and choose the one that is actually most advantageous for your situation.

With regard to the mortgage, it is good to take into account the fact that there are three types to choose from: fixed rate, variable rate, mixed and with cap. As is well known, those most requested by customers and, therefore, the best known are fixed rate and variable rate mortgages. Fixed rate ones are the safest.

Thanks to this formula, in fact, when signing the contract you have the possibility to know the real amount that you will pay until the end of the same. Initially, if compared with those of a variable rate mortgage, the installments may seem higher but to act as a counterweight there is the fact that the risk from the financial point of view is almost zero and that, therefore, you have the opportunity to stay quiet.

The variable rate, on the contrary, is much more risky since it responds to market fluctuations. Although the installment is immediately lower, therefore, sudden increases over time cannot be excluded. Rates are a problem that afflicts a lot of people who want to take out a bank loan.

In principle, those who need to make a thirty-year mortgage usually choose the fixed rate. Different speech, however, applies to those who decide to opt for a mortgage at twenty or thirty years. In this second case, applicants are more inclined to take on the risk of seeing the installment increase, provided they spend less in the initial phase.

Everything, therefore, varies from case to case and, above all, depends on the risk appetite of the applicant. The best thing to do, however, is to contact an expert in the sector who can provide all the details of both alternatives and, above all, to advise interested parties on what to do.

This in light of the fact that in most cases it is not possible to change the formula during construction and that, therefore, every decision must be taken in full and total awareness of the risks that can be faced by choosing to take a path rather than the other.

After making this brief but necessary general overview of the world of mortgages as a whole, all that remains is to find out what products are currently on the market that those who intend to buy a house should not miss.

Most advantageous offers and mortgages

One of the best proposals that are currently available to those who intend to take out a mortgage to buy a house is Good Finance.

As regards the rate, this is a fixed rate mortgage whose TAN is 1.70% and whose APR is 1.50%. As regards, however, the costs, those who decide to opt for this solution will have to bear the costs of the preliminary investigation equal to 500 USD and the costs for the appraisal for a total of 211 USD.

Among the advantages that concern this product there is the fact that the periodic expenses are completely zeroed. Another mortgage not to be underestimated is Agree Bank. In this case, we are faced with a totally different product which, despite having slightly higher TAN and APR, is still competitive because it eliminates the costs for the preliminary investigation and those for the expertise.

Equally interesting is the product made available by Lite Bank. Despite having to deal with a variable rate mortgage, applicants will have the opportunity to benefit from a 0.70% TAN and a 0.68% APR. As regards, then, the expertise, the cost is totally zeroed.

A different discussion, however, must be made for the costs relating to the investigation which amount, instead, to 600 USD. Interesting, in this specific case, is that the spread is decreasing.

Obviously, all those who intend to choose one of these products or want to know others need only go to the website of the reference credit institution or, alternatively, to a physical branch.

By doing so, they will have both the possibility to receive generic information and to understand precisely if and how to proceed with the mortgage application.

In each branch, in fact, there are highly professional employees capable of evaluating case by case and providing useful information in real time.

At this point, all those who are in the process of buying a house but who do not have the money necessary to make the investment in total autonomy need only evaluate their situation specifically and decide which is the right solution for them their.

Finally, an aspect that should not be underestimated concerns the possibility of having to resort to a guarantor to facilitate the acceptance of the request. Before proceeding with the acceptance, the banks do nothing but verify the income situation of the applicant or applicants.

This is very simply to understand if, in the event of credit being granted, you will have the possibility of repaying the amount lent. In the event that your income capacity is not enough to convince the bank, you will only have to go in search of guarantees through which you will have the opportunity to demonstrate that you are able to return the sum in question.

In a nutshell, before deciding which product is right for the specific situation, all you have to do is investigate your situation and, only afterwards, proceed with the formal forwarding of the request.

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