Meet The Modern Day Trendsetters in Fashion and Decor- Vintage and Elegant Metal Artifacts

India is a land of vibrant ethnicity and has showcased excellence in aesthetics since centuries. Since the evidence of Indus Valley Civilization, India is known to have some of the highly skilled artisans. They have increased the fame of Indian handicrafts across the globe. The popular forms of Indian handicrafts include:

  • Bamboo Handicrafts
  • Bone and Horn Handicrafts
  • Bell Metal Handicrafts
  • Clay Handicrafts or Pottery
  • Jute Handicrafts
  • Rock Handicrafts
  • Cane Handicrafts
  • Embroidery Handicrafts
  • Brass Handicrafts
  • Dhokra Handicrafts
  • Paper Handicrafts
  • Shell Handicrafts
  • Wood Handicrafts

Some of the other well-known forms of handicrafts in India are Enamel handicrafts, Kiritams handicrafts, Lac handicrafts, marble handicrafts, metal handicrafts, glass handicrafts and others. The handicrafts grounded in traditional Indian arts are of great variety. India has known the art of extracting, processing and molding metals to use in handicrafts. The use of brass, copper, iron, steel, bronze and other metals has been extensively done since centuries in metal handicrafts India. Cities like Moradabad and Jodhpur are exclusively known to produce some of the finest handicrafts across the globe.

Metal artifacts include the processing of metals like silver, copper, gold, bronze etc to produce a consummate range of items including statuettes, jewelry, home decor and furnishing pieces, utensils and much more. There are also handicrafts which involve metal surface decorations. Popularly called as ‘Bidri Art’, the handicrafts use extensive use of metal inlays and overlays, where the surface is fabricated with gold or silver linings. These forms of handicrafts are exclusively found in the Indian states like Assam, TamilNadu, West Bengal, Bihar, Karnataka, Orissa, and Kerala.  Precious metals are also used to prepare jewelry using gem stones ranging from pearls, ruby to amethyst. This is yet another excellent example of the creative caliber possessed by Indian artisans. These handmade metal artifacts are so alluring and don’t fail to take one back in time. The unique designs and styles of these crafts show the diverse culture of the country.

The Trendsetting Metal Artifacts:

Some of the best-known metal handicrafts produced are floral diyas, god/goddess statuettes, wall hangings, bangles, necklaces and others. One can also find exotic collections of decorative trays, cups, utensils to bring that touch extravagant feel into the kitchen. Metal wall-hangings include those of Indian God/Goddesses like Ganesha, Krishna, Shiva, Lakshmi, and others.  Also, antique Indian metal artifacts add a lot of aesthetics in an office or home setup. They are of great value and especially bronze or copper handicrafts light up the ambiance of the room. What once was considered as out-dated, metal jewelry is back in trend and the young generation is very much attracted towards these. Beautifully crafted metal bracelets, ear rings, nose pins, anklets are very popular among the youths today. Aesthetic table decorative, paper weights, pen stands, table clocks etc add a very rustic, yet elegant feel to an office setup. These handicrafts also show the rootedness to indigenous traditions and history. These metal artifacts combined with Indian miniature painting styles stand as the perfect options for home décor.